***Breaking News*** 2016 Hudson Valley Ribfest NEBS Contest *2 Teams Entered* DESSERT - 2nd and 7th Place, PIZZA - 5th Place, WRAPPED IN BACON - 2nd and 7th Place, KIDS 'QUE 5th Place, OVERALL TEAM - 3rd Place
Awards and Recognitions
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KCBS Contest
2nd place chicken (trophy)
NEBS Contest 
8th place apple dessert (call)
KCBS Contest
4th place brisket (trophy)
NEBS Contest
3rd place pizza (trophy)
4th place wrapped in bacon (trophy) 
9th place wrapped in bacon (call)
8th place apple dessert (call)
KCBS Contest
4th place pork (trophy)
9th place overall team (call)
Peoples Choice
3rd place
KCBS Contest
5th place brisket (trophy)
Open Category
10 place iron chef  "Mystery Ingredient (SPAM)" (call) 6th place BBQ sauce (call) 
NEBS Contest
2nd Dessert (Dan's Righteous Ribs)
2nd Wrapped in Bacon (Dan's Righteous Ribs)
3rd Overall (Dan's Righteous Ribs)
5th Place Kids Que (John Hamza, John John BBQ)
5th Place Pizza (Packanack BBQ)
7th Place Dessert (Packanack BBQ)
7th Place Wrapped in Bacon (Packanack BBQ)